Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest

GoldenEye Setup Editor
(aka GE/PD Setup Editor 2.4)
(Go to to download, or get more info)

These pages are just to share some of the fun I've had with the Setup Editor for the GoldenEye ROM.
The tutorials at
GoldenEyeVault are essential to get the best experience with the Editor.

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- Introduction -
Gamesharks used to be THE way to experience hidden extras and tweak the game to your liking...
But SubDrag, Wreck, and Zoinkity have taken GoldenEye to infinity and beyond...

The GE / PD Setup Editor (for the N64 ROM) is a work of pure genius.
The beauty of the editor is that it allows you to do as much or as little as you want.
Make basic changes to existing GoldenEye/Perfect Dark missions, change levels around entirely, or even get as complex as building entirely new missions from scratch... Even download & play missions that others have created.

After my trusty Gameshark Pro finally crapped out, I decided to try the GoldenEye ROM.
The main reason for getting GoldenEye on my PC was to try the GoldenEye Setup Editor for the first time...

Step 1 was to download a program (like mupen64) to play N64 games on my computer . Step 2, was to download a copy of a GoldenEye ROM (searched for Goldeneye 007.z64), and make sure I could actually play the damn thing with my basic system & video card.
(See another good resource: for an excellent step-by step tutorial, and links to a few plugins you may need)

So far, so good. Now it was onto Step 3 - downloading & installing the GoldenEye Setup Editor from
(They've got handy links to a couple of free microsoft downloads needed to run it)

Seemed overwhelming, but it was simple enough - just followed the tutorials, and double-checked my steps the first few times.

Changed a few basic things at first, then got more comfortable how the editor works. You can change/add vehicles in levels, assign keys or keycards to guards, add or change guard weapons, add/removing hats or helmets...

To add more guards/scientists, just pick an existing character, and hit "duplicate". You can edit the co-ordinates (aka preset) where the guard will start, and even decide what head, uniform/weapons to equip him with. All by clicking a mouse and choosing options from a dropdown menu! I must be dreaming... Nobody wake me!

Just can't resist posting some of these screenshots. Not necessarily trying to re-create everything that's vintage "beta" GoldenEye. Just trying to give a different look and feel to each mission, in part by incorporating some of the unused props, giving the guards different weapons, uniforms, etc.

I recommend playing around with open, outside levels (like the Dam and Runway) at first, because it's easier not to get lost when first learning to navigate around the visual editor. It's just so kickass to look at stuff that's just been modified to see if it looks right before saving it to your ROM.

In Soviet Russia, Tank Drives You!

All aboard! Train mission full of custom elite guards, now departing...
Will you survive the ride?

Guards with assault rifles, bunkered down for a shootout in the dam. An extra challenge because they've both got helmets to protect the tops of their heads. Also, some retro "beta" fuel drums & boxes in the background.

Making no effort to stay true to the movie, just an alternate take on the Runway mission..

Might as well blow up the supply truck (full of guns & ammo for the Russians). It's a good opportunity to test the signts on your tank cannon before taking out the drone guns.

The plane's been destroyed, but luckily there's a helicopter that 007 should be able to swipe. Just gotta find someone with a key...

Q Branch is most impressed with this gadget!
Add another tank, 007. And while you're at it, increase the number of civillian lives that you're allowed to endanger... There's a good fellow!

To get this wicked GoldenEye 007 tool, just go to and check out the GoldenEye Setup Editor.
(aka GE/PD Setup Editor 2.4)