Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest

GoldenEye Setup Editor
(aka GE/PD Setup Editor 2.4)
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These pages are just to share some of the fun I've had with the Setup Editor for the GoldenEye ROM.
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GoldenEyeVault are essential to get the best experience with the Editor.

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- Facility Beta -

There's something about the Chemical Warefare Facility in Arkangelsk...
With so many scientists and things to explode, it's always been a fan favorite.
The differences between the finished and unfinished game have always been observed in "beta" GoldenEye screenshots.

It's fun to restore a few aspects of the "beta" mission, and add some unused props to give it a different feel.
And of course, adding a few elements of danger to spice up the mission...

Det's Custom "Beta" Facility

Stacked tanks, and scientists in the bottling room, "beta" style.

Hallway intro scene with unused doors and crates.

The infamous "beta bathroom". Re-textured walls and ceilings to match the "beta" screenshots.

To make it a bit more challenging, I've added more guards n the bathroom, and changed what stalls they start in.

It was a balance of just how light to make the stone walls... In some of the beta shots, the walls look almost pure white, which looks odd in some places.

Room with the first activation console.

The walls look really light here right before the lockerroom.

The lightened walls definitely add a a washed out, "retro" effect to the Facility.

Scientist caught up in a mix of gunfire in the hallway.

Some of the guards are posing as labcoats, hoping to eliminate any unwanted spies...

Shootout in the hallway, with a scientist joining the action.

Glass has been removed, giving the facility an overall unfinished look.

Upstairs hallway with the lighter walls.

La piece de resistance... Stacked Facility Bottling Tanks.
Adds so much authenticity to the end of the mission.

Scientists in the bottling room as we rendezvous with 006.

Another look at the stacked tanks.

The mission objectives have even been updated to require all 20 tanks to be destroyed in order complete the mission.

No more Remote Mines for this mission...
Agent 007 is equipped with 10 Timed mines instead.

It's definitely more dangerous to destroy the bottlink tanks with the Timed Mines... But as an MI6 Operative, it goes with the territory.

007 exits the Facility, Mission Accomplished.
Bond is seen wearing the blue tux in most "beta" screenshots, before other mission suits were designed/assigned.

Making the stone texture just light enough was important so it didn't look out of place on the Runway. (The buildings and structures in the Runway use the same textures as the Facility)

To get this wicked GoldenEye 007 tool, just go to and check out the GoldenEye Setup Editor.
(aka GE/PD Setup Editor 2.4)