Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest

GoldenEye X
(Porting GoldenEye arenas, weapons & characters into Perfect Dark's multiplayer)
(Go to to get the Setup Editor & GoldenEye X patch, and read their FAQs & tutorials)

"The most amazing Multiplayer experience ever."

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- Introduction -

GoldenEye X is essentially "GoldenEye in Perfect Dark".
It's a patch (available from that when applied to a Perfect Dark ROM on your PC, brings the greatness of GoldenEye's Multiplayer into Perfect Dark's Combat Simulator.

In my opinion, the GoldenEye Multiplayer experience was superior to
Perfect Dark.
Sure, PD runs smoother, has bots, and the custom options we like so much...
But the Bond arenas were better. The classic weapons were cooler.
Even the GoldenEye characters have a certain mystique that's lacking in Perfect Dark.
offered endless hours of Multiplayer fun - But the game had so much untapped potential...

The man responsible for bringing us classic GoldenEye codes like the Facility Backzone has done the impossible....
Wreck and others have spent countless hours combining the guts of GoldenEye with the body of Perfect Dark to create something so slick and amazing that after playing it, I'm truly convinced that I've died and gone to heaven. (Not sure how the hell that happened...)

Even if you've never used the GoldenEye/Perfect Dark Setup Editor, it just takes a couple steps with the Perfect Editor program, and your patched game is ready to play. has a guide to applying the patch, and the emulator settings can be found in their FAQ. I've had the best luck using Project 64 as my emulator (program that allows you to play N64 games on your computer).

Why play a modified version of Perfect Dark on my PC?
Just watch a few GoldenEye X videos on YouTube, and I think you'll come to the same conclusion...

I was lured in by the prospect of finally playing GoldenEye's Train in Multiplayer - One of the cool new additions in the latest release of GoldenEye X.

The Frigate is also a fan-favorite that finally made it to Multiplayer. The engine room has so many entrances, it can turn to chaos in a matter of seconds.

Even the little things like matching any head with any body adds that extra spark of creativity for your deathmatches... Meet "Oddjaws"!

A shootout in the Archives, breaking glass everywhere...
So many memories!

The Frigate makes a good Multiplayer arena. So many rooms, corners, and interconnecting hallways that you gotta keep checking your back!

It's all your old favorites, and more!

The Train is full of confined spaces and narrow hallways, and I knew it would make a killer Multiplayer map - I wasn't disappointed.

GoldenEye X allows for a Battle Royale with 4 Simulants in the full Basement & Stack, (aka the Library). I haven't had this much fun since 1997...

I came for the extra levels, and stayed for the Assignments. I can't believe I finally got into this...

The classic Facility, in all it's glory...

Just like in PD, GoldenEye X has Assignments that challenge you to complete various scenarios, including this faceoff against a pair of scientists with timed mines in the Facility.

Re-make of the Citadel arena.

The classic, unfinished map no longer has paper-thin walls, and has been remodeled with an Aztec theme.


To experience GoldenEye's Multiplayer in ways you never imagined, download the GE/PD Setup Editor from
and get the latest GoldenEye X patch.