Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest


There was something about GoldenEye 007's Multiplayer mode. It broke new ground as far as gameplay was concerned, and became the most addictive first person shooters of it's time. Sure, Perfect Dark offered smoother gameplay and improved on options, but there was something so undeniably appealing about the characters, weapons and maps offered in Goldeneye 007...


Graphic that was created to offer the Cradle & Statue in Multiplayer mode (they were the first two additional Multiplayer levels that were known to be accessible via Gameshark). The two maps are fully functional, with weapons & spawn points. They're just not available while playing the game normally.


Alternate clothing for Natalya, Bond, and Trevelyan in Multiplayer.


Played countless deathmatches in the Facility, and was pleasantly surprised to find the arena made it's way to Perfect Dark as the Felicity.

An attempt at creating a "beta" Facility for 2, 3 & 4 player mode.

One of my favorite setups has always been with Pistols, License to Kill in the Facility... Gotta be strategic, because with one hit kills, every gun is just as lethal, and if you miss your target, you get slapped to death.

Interestingly enough, when the Facility map itself loads in the game, so does the "back zone". The door is just normally locked, that's all. With a quick Gameshark code, the door can be unlocked, so the back zone can be explored, although it's empty...

Eventually, hacker Wreck included the essentials like weapons & spawn points, and even details functioning doors and glass. The things that have since been done with the Facility Backzone are beyond what I ever thought would be possible...

This video was reportedly made using a GoldenEye emulator:

Snapshot from Goldeneye X, where the GoldenEye characters, weapons, and arenas have been ported into the Perfect Dark engine. I'll probably never get to experience it for myself, but I'm amazed at what I've seen of it so far. The confined spaces of the Train must be pretty frantic in Multiplayer...

Another shot from Goldeneye X, with the Frigate featured in Multiplayer mode. Always liked the PD-style blood splatter on the walls. Definitely Cool.