Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest


Beta GoldenEye

GoldenEye 007 underwent countless changes during production.
Things were modified to make everything more functional and flowing...
But we'll always be a fascinated by the game's developmental stage.

Decided to compile the genuine "beta" screenshots from Detstar on this page...
We've seen 'em all before, but I figured it would be neat to have them in one place.
No final game comparison shots or Gameshark screens below... Just pure, 100% pre-release GoldenEye 007:

One of the earliest "beta" GoldenEye shots in existence, taken from a video clip when the game was still a rail shooter.

A green-clad Jungle Commando guard (uniform #00). The guard's head belongs to Karl (head #2A), which also happens to be the first head in the memory...
More early Silo pics featuring a Janus Special Forces guard (uniform #04). They were likely one of the first guard uniforms created, and they've been seen in a few "beta" missions where they don't exist in the finished game.

Both of these Silo pics seem to show a light blue door with yellow caution stripes.
A bit of "evolution" in the Silo as we see the guards now dressed as Russian Infantry (uniform #03). There's the old KF7 Soviet, and the guards have scarface "beta" heads...
Chris's head (#36) is the scarface guy who's become a classic figure in most beta shots. His head wasn't the first head created, but perhaps it was just the one being tested at the time when gaming magazines got to experience a few demos.

As the game got more polished and closer to completion, it seemed as if every single "scar-faced" guard had been replaced by Jim's head (#39). I'm not sure if they changed the heads mission by mission, or did one huge batch change of all the guards...

This is an official Rareware shot - And I believe that every single Rareware preview screenshot for GoldenEye 007 features Jim's head on the guards.

Probably one of the most famous "beta" shots in existence.
So many visible differences in one shot.

I believe someone scanned this off an N64 system box...
The Facility looks the way it does now, aside from the old KF7.

The heads for "Grant" and "Neil" (heads #38 & 30 respectively) are visible here, common in many "late-beta" shots & videos.

Retro Facility...
One neat concept is the use of the Timed Mine, which is true to the movie... (But also rather challenging considering it's the second mission, and is likely why Bond was later equipped with Remote Mines instead.)

Something I never noticed, was in the bottom right, the number of mines shows as 1 and 4, almost as if it has it's own magazine... Which isn't the case in the final game.

More scarface guys, and a scientist where we don't usually see them.

The lack of windows could indicate that the level isn't finished yet.

Appears as if all scientists had Scott's head (#41) for a period of time. Although it's hard to tell in the right screenshot, I don't think the scientist head belongs to Jim or Scott..

Unfinished Surface mission, without a chain link fence on the posts. The sky is also much clearer.

Shots of the old Taser in the Surface.

A few more magazine scans, including a Bond silhouette on-screen.

Scarface guy from a magazine scan, and the old mission name, "Destroyer".

A much lighter sky in the left screenshot from Rareware. The right screenshot is a magazine scan that doesn't show anything specifically "beta", except possible assault rifle use in this mission.

Scarface guy getting shot in Statue park.

Another favorite shot right from the GoldenEye box... Old KF7s, Infantry guards in the archives, "beta" glass, and even a green ceiling lamp hanging from the ceiling. Dwayne's head (#31) is visible here on the left guard

Magazine scan. Guard has Jim's face. Shotgun could have been used here, or it could have been one of the weapons enabled for testers and press (lots of pre-release shots show Rocket Launchers or Lasers in missions where the average player probably wouldn't be given the luxury)

Only real change in the train that we know of is the glass by the computer that Natalya hacks... Used to have a crosshair style target, now it's just an empty pane...

Different Caverns door. This may be an official Rareware shot....

I believe both of these are magazine scans. Nothing notoriously beta, unless you count the scarface guards in the right shot.

Another shot scanned right off the GoldenEye box...
The door in the background is light blue, (final version has dark metal blast door), and we see the Janus Special Forces making another appearance. In the final missions, it seems as if you're always facing the Special Forces... But in the final game, they don't make an appearance in the Control Center.

Magazine scan, showing 007's blue tux and cuff (Bond now wears his "Timber Bond" attire during the Cradle mission)

Another look at Bond's blue suit, possibly used in other missions before various other suits were assigned.

It looks to be during a start intro, and if that's the case, the start point is different than we know if in the final game (007 is shown here in the second room instead of the first), but it could have simply have been a snapshot taken while debugging.

Giant Taser, and the Commando M16 Assault Rifle from the watch menu.

The Laser is featured in a surprising number of "beta" screenshots, especially for a weapon that's only available on one of the final, secret missions. As stated earlier, I'm thinking that the frequency of the Laser in so many missions was just something that was enabled for testers, so they'd have more fun with the game.

From a classic beta GoldenEye video that features Connery and the Blackhawk Magnum. It's also being played in the Bunker with 4 players, which is restricted to 3 players in the finished version, possibly due to frame rates...

With my Gameshark, I've played the "forbidden" 4 player arenas without experiencing any issues except a bit of lag if someone's going crazy with the explosives...