Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest


Unused "Beta" Dialogue

Every GoldenEye game cartridge still contains text for unspoken lines that were written for the single player missions. Most GoldenEye fans have known about this for a while, thanks to GameSharks and other cheat devices. Surprisingly, there are more than a baker's dozen...

A minor change here... General Ourumov counts down all the way from "Ten" to "One...".

(The new line is "One... Kill him!")
A single "1" also exists in the memory, probably a leftover, indicating that the count may have been numerical at one time.

A single "hello" string can be found ahead of the dialogue in the first Bunker, probably a leftover from testing.

Alternate/unused text for Boris.

A few simple lines for Boris that were not used in the finished game...

Everything flows fine without the extra Boris talk, so it was probably deemed unnecessary.

There are two "null" slots before Janus and Bond's conversation, probably a couple of placeholders that went unused.

In the GoldenEye movie, the line "Closing time, James. Last call" was spoken by Alec Trevelyan in the Facility...

The game has two references to the "Closing time" line, but it's never actually spoken while playing the game normally.

Some unused dialogue for James Bond... When Trevelyan challenges bond to make a move, this line wisely went unused...

Actions speak louder than words.

Here's that familiar line from Alec Trevelyan. Taken directly from the GoldenEye movie, unused by the game, yet strangely showing up as a "cut" line from two separate missions. The only difference here is a period instead of a hyphen.

Trevelyan has a bunch of snarky remarks for 007 during their final showdown. This one isn't used in the finished game.

Voodoo sorcerer Baron Samedi definitely has a chilling laugh. The text "Baron Samedi: Ha Ha Ha Ha..." can be found in the game's memory, although the finished game never uses the line.

Perhaps the line was written first, and they decided to add a creepy, sinister laugh that eventually replaced the dialogue.