Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest


"Beta" Silo

Pages for "Beta Silo" and "Silo Mysteries" already exist in the Detstar Archives, but a couple of things never made it there - Plus, I wanted to reflect on a few others...

The sixth stage in the game is unique because it has absolutely nothing to do with the GoldenEye movie. It's possible that the Silo was created as the game's engine was being developed - Before the team had insider access to the GoldenEye story... It's been noted that the only Bond film with a missile silo is a brief scene in Diamonds are Forever.

Most video games based on movies will veer incredibly far from their original screenplays. GoldenEye 007 actually stays fairly true to the movie, aside from obvious changes that had to occur during transition. Because of this, it seems as if they were able to add the Silo mission into the mix without raising many eyebrows.

It's still my belief that 007 started in the ventilation shaft - At least during the point in time when the game was still being developed as an 'on the rails' shooter game. Slowly dropping in unexpectedly via the air duct would help the player get into that spy-like atmosphere...

It's the only explanation that seems to justify just how far the shaft goes beyond the boundaries of what would ever be seen by playing the game normally... The shaft vertically extends to nearly match the height of the Silo level.

Still interesting how this "unseen" fan section was re-used in the Archives mission. I remember how exciting it was when codes were hacked to enable Bond to start near the vent, even inside it...

In the finished version of GoldenEye, the Silo mission has a total of 3 starting points available from the Debug Menu.

The first being where Bond starts now, the second being in the first fuel room where Scientists are. The third starting point, is just outside the door to the first fuel room.

The Silo is one of the last missions to still contain multiple starting points in the Debug Menu. (The following mission, Frigate/Destroyer is the final mission to have more than one default starting point for 007 in mission mode)

Bond's inventory lists all of the keycards and circuit boards collected throughout the mission.

The text "Picked up a Circuit Board" is always displayed each time 007 recovers one of them, but most GE fans have noticed that each circuit board has a different name in the inventory screen. (despite the fact that they look the same)

Pickup text exists for the individual circuit boards exists, but possibly went unused, to avoid confusing players with of different circuit board names.

The two inaccessible walkways have been mentioned before. Still points of intrigue, but I originally speculated on the "elevator door" visible behind the silver door...
(Shown here is the one in Silo 4-C3)

Even with the default silver door removed, it appears as if this one-time door has been permanently "welded in place" as part of the wall. It seems likely that all the Silo doors looked this way at one time.

It's possible that all the Silo doors looked this way. It must have been a long time ago, because as far as I'm aware, this door image doesn't appear in the memory with the other unused doors...

In Silo 4-H4, on the very same walkway where Bond starts in the finished game, most players have noticed that the guardrail at the end is missing...

The overhead walkway at the top of the Silo is also missing the corresponding guardrail. Considering the top and bottom walkways are missing guardrails at the exact same point, it suggests these two points may have been linked by the elevator lift (present in beta videos & screenshots), which has long since been removed.

Looking up the Silo wall where the elevator lift may have been... I'm rather amused how the solid vertical panels go all the way up in that same location.

As a basic rail shooter game, a vertical ride up the lift would have made the experience a bit more entertaining than simply advancing forward. I suspect in the rail shooter version, Bond would have "climbed" down the ventilation shaft, and up the ladder (taking out any guards who might be on the walkway). The lift would have been accessed from there, where Bond would ride to the top of the Silo, shooting guards as they came into range to shoot at him.

Interestingly enough, if a player were to "ride the lift" to this apparent destination, Bond would get off right outside the door where General Ourumov is waiting with his guards.

At one point in development, the team experimented by letting the player freely explore the missions "off the rails", which quickly led to the scrapping of the rail shooter concept.

Oddly enough, in the finished game has the General facing this door when Bond enters the room. The General turns to the right to shoot at 007 when he sees him.

If the Streets, Silo and Dam were among the first missions to be created, rideable objects may have been common in each mission when the game was still played in rail shooter mode...

Things like the tank pursuing Ourumov's car in the Streets, Bond's ride up the elevator lift in the Silo... Perhaps even riding the military truck and boat in the Dam are remnants of GoldenEye's rail shooter past.