Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest


Beta Objects (Gameshark)
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I must have covered hundreds of beta things during my days on Detstar...
(All the old codes and beta pages are available in the Web Archive of

None of this stuff is "new". Just sharing what I've been doing on my Gameshark lately, and some stuff I've never posted before.

Fire Extinguisher (Value 0080)
I kinda think that the unused fire extinguisher prop was intended for the Train mission... It's near the Train brake unit in the game's memory, and it's rather appropriate to have with a bunch of explosive box crates on a moving vehicle...

Gameshark Code: Replace a box crate in the train with a fire extinguisher (Train)
801C3C95 0080.

Beta Door (Value 0087)
This door (with caution stripes and a window) is another "beta" artifact that I always liked. I was thinking that it closely resembles this pre-relese screenshot from the Water Caverns (on right)...

But considering the door's name in the memory is sev_doorZ (Severnaya) and it's with the Bunker & Silo doors, it was likely intended for somewhere in Russia...

Gameshark code to modify the Caverns first sliding blast door is 801CC075 0087. Just something to look at, but not much use use - The door type has been changed, no longer sliding upwards... You can hear the door sound effect, but won't open, trapping you there. Haven't yet found a way to change the door type...

Unused Objective
The Caverns mission also has a leftover objective in the memory called "Pursue Trevelyan". (Visible at memory address 801D52BC after loading the Caverns). It's right between "Contact Jack Wade" and "Minimize Scientist Casualties"... Bond already has 5 objectives in this mission, and pursuing Trevelyan is a bit redundant - Seeing how it's what 007 has been doing for the past few missions anyway... Still, I'm always interested to see these hidden little things.

Beta Door, De-Bunked (value 0089)
Weird striped door with flashing colors and a window... I wasn't sure where this might have been from, until learning that it called Sev_door3 in the memory, which likely means it was also intended for somwhere in Russia...

Gameshark Codes - Modify bathroom stall doors to "reto/beta" with windows & strips, & "flashing" textures (Facility - one side)
801C6411 0089 (left stall)
801C6511 0089 (stall with guard)
801C6611 0089 (stall Bond exits)
801C6711 0089 (right stall)

Since this door is found between the two existing Bunker doors in the memory, I replaced some of the doors in Bunker 1, and behold... It's a pretty good match, except the textures can be really weird, and look different depending on the angle that you're looking at them. Almost as if they weren't completed, or part of their texture is missing.

Gameshark Codes - Modify sliding doors with glass to "reto/beta" with windows & strips, & "flashing" textures (Bunker 1)
801D14F5 0089
801D15F5 0089
801D16F5 0089
801D17F5 0089
801D18F5 0089
801D19F5 0089
801D1AF5 0089
801D1BF5 0089

Beta Sound Effect (value 0E).
It's a cool electronic whirring sound effect, and I don't believe it's used on any of the doors in the final game.

Gameshark Codes - "Beta" sound effect for Facility bathroom stalls (one side)
801C64B3 000E (left stall)
801C65B3 000E (stall with guard)
801C66B3 000E (stall Bond exits)
801C67B3 000E (right stall)

Other Replacement digits: (various sounds effects can be used instead of 0E)
00 - Nothing, door is silent
01 - Airlock Suction (glass doors from Facility lab)
02 - A soft "ding"
03 - Electronic metal sound
04 - Low electronic metal sound, similar to 03 (from sliding Facility doors)
05 - Light sounding doors
06 - Lift "ding"
07 - Sliding Wooden door sound (from Train)
08 - Ding, click & metal
09 - Garage door sound (from Runway, Depot)
0A - Bathroom Stall Door Sound (Facility )
0B - Ding, followed by weird click sound
0C - Basic door sound
0D - Elevator "ding"
0E - "beta" electronic whirring sound
0F - Stone brick door (Temple, Egyptian)
10 - Heavy metal electronic (similar to sliding Facility doors... louder?)
11 - Ding & metal
12 or higher - Nothing, door is silent

Cammo Chopper (value 011D)
The "beta" camouflage chopper (shown here in the Dam mission). I've finally gotten around to plugging in the chopper value to replace the plane in the Runway. Really cool to see the blades of the chopper turn as it takes off in the cinema scene! Shows that it was more than just a prop, and probably actually intended to be used somewhere.

Gameshark Code - Replace white plane with cammo chopper (Runway)
811DA731 011D

Beta Door (value 00A3)
I call it "Guard in a Museum"... It's just a fun place to feature this unused beta door from the train. The train has regular wooden doors, and ones with breakable glass windows (values A1 and A2, respectively). There's an unused door in the memory (value A3) and it's just like the wooden door with glass, except the window is bulletproof.

I like to use this door where the hidden guard is, just for kicks. He will not come out until you've practically left that train car. It's kinda funny to see him beforehand, even if you shoot your gun like crazy (or even use the door value A2), or shoot him through the breakable glass. No matter what you do, he won't leave the room, even if you shoot it full of holes.

Gameshark Code - Modify the first door, third car
801C9EB1 00A3 (glass is non-breakable - use 00A2 for breakable glass)

(Note: Gameshark code 801C9F4B 0000 will unlock the door)

Custom Train...

The wooden doors are used on every single train car door, but I never liked the look of the wooden doors on the first 2 freight cars. The first doors even make different sound effects, leading me to believe the first doors may have been different at one time.

Decided to swap them for green Comms room doors from the Surface or the train doors from the Depot, and it's a good fit. Not necessarily "beta", but it matches the green metal of the train.

Gameshark code: Change the first train car doors to green metal instead of wood.
811C9BA1 0XXX
811C9CA1 0XXX
811C9DA1 0XXX

(use 00A8 for green comms room doors from Surface, or 012C for green train side door with latch caution stripes from Depot )

Unused Boxcrate (value 0054)
I don't believe it's used anywhere in the final game. It's black on 3 sides and the top , and has Russian text on the other side. I believe that SubDrag researched some of the other text in the game, finding words like POTATOES and BANANAS, but I'm not sure what this one says.

Gameshark Code - (Bunker 1) Replace blue swivel chair with box crate
801CE481 0054.


Gameshark Code - (Facility) Replace an existing crate, visible in the level intro with the guard patrolling the hallway.
801CA65D 0054

Retro Fuel Barrels (value 003B)
There's only one actual fuel drum prop used by the final game... But the memory actually contains 5 different barrels designs. (values 3A-3E, value 3E is used by the published game). They're all similar, but it's nice to have a variety.

I've changed the barrel that appears in the Silo intro to a retro barrel, visible beside a normal barrel

Gameshark Code - Modify fuel drum in the Silo to retro fuel barrel:
801C430D 003B

Gameshark Codes - Modify other Silo barrels (first 2 are upstairs)
801C410D 00XX
801C418D 00XX
801C420D 00XX
801C428D 00XX

(replace XX with 3A, 3B, 3C, or 3D to see various "beta" fuel drums)

Under the Radar
Just messing around with the radar screens on the frigate, replacing them with alternate images... They still spin clockwise, and the the skateboarding guy looks like he's doing a neat trick.

Gameshark Codes - Modify bridge radar screens (Frigate)
801E820F 00XX
801E7FBB 00XX

(find the XX replacement digits at the bottom of the page)
(Use 49 for Connery, 27 for Skateboarder)

On Display...
Viewing slices of Multiplayer select pictures on a computer in Bunker II (Xenia and Roger Moore). Most of the computer terminals screens scroll, smearing the photos after loading them, so they're not clearly visible again for some time. This computer in Bunker II offers a good view of still images. (Still trying to test which values will slow or stop the scroll speed).
Gameshark Code - Modify the on-screen display (computer where you locate the CCTV Tape in Bunker 2)
801DE5DF 00XX

(find the XX replacement digits at the bottom of the page)
(Use 5C for Xenia, 40 for Roger Moore)

Connery on Screen...

Actor photographs (Multiplayer select pics) are presentable on the big screens, but some of the basic graphics are meant for small computer screens. It's kinda neat to have something else computers instead of the default...

Gameshark Code: Modify the big screen image (Depot)
801EC0AF 00XX
(replace XX with 49 to catch this glimpse of Connery on the computer during the Depot mission intro)

Gameshark Codes: Modify the image on the small computer screen consoles (Depot)

Modify the other computer screens in the room:
801EB46B 00XX
801EB6EB 00XX
801EB96B 00XX
801EBBEB 00XX (small computer screen, often visible during the mission intro)

(replace XX with 49 to catch a glimpse of Connery on the computer during the Depot mission intro)

Gameshark Codes
- Modify the computer screens in the Facility
801CD7EB 00XX (left of the hallway, up the blue ramp)
801CD9FB 00XX (also in the left room, against the wall)
801CDC0B 00XX (room to the right of the hallway, far left computer)
801CDE1B 00XX (room to the right of the hallway, far right computer)

Gameshark Code
- Modify the image on the big screen - (Bunker 1)
801CFD87 00XX

Gameshark Code
- Modify the image on the big screen - (Control)
801D8857 00XX

Gameshark Code
- Modify the image on the big screen - (Caverns)
801C951B 00XX

Replacement Digits

(Note that some images were intended for big screens, others for smaller screens. Small images often look weird on a big screens, and vice versa)

Replace XX with:
00: James Bond silhouette
01, 02, 03, 04, 05: Russian Text
06: Lines & Circles, like GE computer
07: View of the Earth from Space
08: Star/galaxy
09: Colorful Satellite View of Earth
0A: Outer Space view with grid
0B: Blue rectangles... Computer Windows? (look like letters with postage stamps)
0C: Colorful Data and Photos of Earth (really cool on big screens)
0D: Earth from Space
0E: Blue rectangles/windows (similar to 0B)
0F: More blue rectangles/windows (similar to 0B & 0E)
10: Green Stencil of a Cube
11, 12: Space Shuttle
13: Satellite Earth View, With Clouds
14: Satellite Earth View, centered on Australia?
15: Galaxy With Star
16: Red Galaxy (looks cool)
Galaxy/Planet... Saturn?
18: Earth/world view from satellite, (looks best on big screens)
19: Satellite View, red crosshairs on earth (kinda cool, looks sinister on big screens)
1A: Galaxy
1B: Static like it's broken (Looks authentic.... I doubt stuff always works in Russia)
1C: Squiggled Lines & Waves
1D: Scrolling, green text (common on many computers)
1E: Data bar graph
1F: Bunch of squares inside each other
20, 21, 22, 23 Russian Dude with Hat (From Comms room in Surface 2)
24, 25, 26, 27: Skateboarder
28, 29, 2A, 2B: Talking Head (From Silo, Bunker 2)
2C: Default World Map used on Big Screens
2D, 2E, 2F: Various Cubes (like 10)
30: Slender triangle... (Radar from Frigate?)
31: 3D Bar... (a folder tab?)
32: Texture... (from folder?)
33: Stars in space
34: Blue texture
35: Copy Icon

36: Eraser Icon
38: An "X"
39: A checkmark (from completing missions)
3A: Copy File
3B: Erase File
3C, 3D, 3E, 3F: James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) Character Select Image from Multiplayer
40, 41, 42, 43: Roger Moore (Character Select Image from Multiplayer - BETA) (40 & 41 look best)
44, 45, 46, 47: Timothy Dalton (Character Select Image from Multiplayer - BETA) (44 & 45 look best)
48, 49, 4A, 4B: Sean Connery (Character Select Image from Multiplayer - BETA)(best view is 49)
4C, 4D, 4E, 4F: Boris Character Select Image from Multiplayer
50, 51, 52, 53: Ourumov Character Select Image from Multiplayer
54, 55, 56, 57: Trevelyan Character Select Image from Multiplayer (54 looks creepiest)
58, 59, 5A, 5B: Valentin Character Select Image from Multiplayer
5C, 5D. 5E. 5F: Xenia Character Select Image from Multiplayer (best view is 5C)
60, 61, 62, 63: Natalya Character Select Image from Multiplayer (best view is 60)

(64 or higher seems to crash the game...)