Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest


Beta Objects (Gameshark)
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Playing around with some more stuff in GoldenEye 007, and some things that never made it to my original beta pages.
Again, none of this stuff is groundbreaking... And not everything here is "beta"... Some of it falls into the category of early GoldenEye history... And as far as I'm concerned, there can never be too much GE 007 info on the net.

(All the old codes and beta pages are available in the Web Archive of

After happening upon the "Master List" of items that Zoinkity posted on a forum somewhere, I decided to have a closer look at the the names of objects/items in the game's memory. It's something that I never really had the time to examine before, and it's neat to see which items are related other, making it more obvious where where some of the beta doors and such may have been designed for.

Beta Ammo (Value 0079 - 0086)

Ever wonder what a P90 clip looks like? It's here, along with ammo clips from the Skorpion and TT33. (aka Klobb & DD44). Ammunition is normally found in big, obvious crates. But individual gun clips do exist in the memory for the original automatics and handguns, and there's even a reference to magnum bullets.

Do we even see these props throughout the game? Offhand, I can only think of two instances... There's a PP7 gun clip on the table in the Archives, and a box of Golden Bullets in the Egyptian mission. The rest were likely designed at the same time, in case they needed to include them for whatever reason.

Gameshark Code: Modify the blue-capped beakers on first lab bench, first blue room (Facility)
811CCBD4 00XX
811CCDD4 00XX

(use 7C for a Skorpion magazine, use 82 for a P90 magazine, or 86 for a TT33 gun clip)

Boxes -O- Bullets (value 0081)
I was eager to see what a box of Magnum Bullets looked like, but it turns out that the boxes of bullets seem to look exactly the same. (appearing in various sizes only because different size Facility beakers have been modified to display them). But even the Golden bullets look like shotgun shells...

These boxes of shells look do kinda neat, but especially in Multiplayer, they're a bit too small to be practical. The game flows better when everyone can find the ammo. Another beta artifact that's just cool to look at.

Roller Doors (values 0092, 0093, 0094)
Just some vertical, sliding garage doors in the memory that went unused. Value 0095 is the one included in the final game, but there are other various roller doors in the memory. Here's a shot of an unused door (light blue with caution stripes) beside an existing garage door on the Depot.
Doors 0093 & 0094 are blue bulletproof steel, and would have been designed for missions like the Runway and Depot.. They work perfectly fine, but don't look quite finished on all sides, as they're practically paper thin despite being bulletproof.

Gameshark Code: Modify Garage Doors (aka "Roller Doors") to unused "beta" doors (Depot - first 2 buildings)

801ED734 00XX
801ED834 00XX

(use 0094 for the thicker "beta" door with yellow caution stripes, use 0092 or 0093 for the thin blue steel door)

Steel Doors (Value 008E & 0091)

A couple of unused doors (one with a latch, one without). I've used them before just for fun as alternate sliding doors in a few Facility deathmatches.

Seems as if they were just unused doors from the Archives mission. They're all referenced as "steeldoor" in the memory. The new and improved steel door (value 008F) looks much better of course. It's just kinda interesting to know which mission these old doors were originally designed for.

Gameshark Code: Modify some of the doors in the Archives (one code per door to be changed)
801D20CC 00XX
801D21CC 00XX
801D22CC 00XX
801D23CC 00XX
801D24CC 00XX
801D25CC 00XX
801D26CC 00XX

(if you notice a pattern, the last door is at 801D3DCC...)

(use 8E for rusty steel door with latch, use 91 for rusty steel door without latch)

Truck & Trailer (values 0119 & 011E)
It's been confirmed for the better part of the decade that the mysterious red "articulated" transport truck and trailer were, if nothing else, at leased intended to be used together, being named "artic" and "artic_trailer", respectively. The trailer is technically an unused prop, with an identical replica existing as part of the Depot mission itself. It's backed into one of the loading facilities (used the setup editor to add the Red truck for a cool visual).

Found at the Depot's biggest building, the building is pretty much deserted, except for a few piles of metal crates, like most of the other buildings in the mission. My new thoughts on the red truck are that it could only have been used to be "detaching" from the trailer, leaving it behind for unloading. (Considering the difficulty involved in trying to have a tractor move correctly with a trailer in-tow, proper swing and wide turns (it was 1997). Perhaps they considered having 007 destroy a new shipment of weapons for Janus troops at this warehouse instead, before deciding to move the weapons cache to a smaller building..

Pieces of Street (value 0141 - 0145)
The Streets mission now seems as if it was one of the earliest levels designed... Most of the other missions load as one solid map, while the Streets mission is mostly composed of several pieces of streets and buildings (ground and sidewalls) that are cleverly re-used over and over again throughout the mission, with different guards/vehicles placed throughout. You can even modify the pieces of street individually, or do a bunch at once... They look kinda neat changed into doors, especially door 008B. Has unbreakable glass in it, and the guards fight you, knee deep in nothingness.

Gameshark Code - Modify Pieces of Streets Mission
Posting codes for the coolest spots to change, mainly because they have guards/vehicles in them and just look plain weird!

801C837C 00XX (right before rocket launcher guards & barricades)
801C877C 00XX (last intersection)
801C8DFC 00XX (intersection before rocket launcher guards & barriers)

(Replace with various walls or barriers, I like to use 008B - a door with glass in it)

St. Petersburg Guard Uniform (value 0001)
SubDrag has also pointed out that the Streets is referenced as "petes" in the memory, and the value of the unused St. Petersburg guard just happens to be 0001... Still not sure if the St. Petersburg guards were "removed" from this mission, or if they simply went unused... If 007 is pursuing Ourumov's car, his army of Russian Soldiers seems more appropriate and true to the movie. Still though, I think many of players would prefer to have the unused guards included.

Gameshark Codes - Modify Guard Uniforms (Streets - first few guards)
801CBDED 0001
801CBE09 0001
801CBE25 0001
801CBE41 0001
801CBE5D 0001
801CBE79 0001
801CBE95 0001
801CBEB1 0001
801CBECD 0001
801CBEE9 0001

Street Value
This was on every GoldenEye site back in the day, so I guess I never bothered posting anything on it... The GoldenEye development team actually visited the actual "Streets" during the filming of the 1995 movie. They took notes and reference photos, which led to the little details like the authentic looking buildings & posters, and even a little red car that was parked on the side of the street... Which oddly enough, is called "car weird" in the memory...

White Cars (Values 012D, 012E, 012F)
There are two white cars used in the streets mission, one's referenced as an escort, the other one as a golf.

Strange thing is, there's a car that's referenced as "bmw" in the memory (value 012D)... It's actually the one found in one of the Surface huts, but it looks to be just a smaller replica of the escort...

Jungle Beats (Value 0005)

Any GE 007 fanatic can hear the first few notes of a mission's theme track and usually recognize it... But through the crickets, explosions, and gunfire, I had never really noticed that the Jungle mission is the only one without a soundtrack... (Unless you count the cool Bond-style duel music while battling Xenia - but then the crickets return)
Composer Graeme Norgate (formerly with Rareware, responsible for creating the music in games like Killer Instinct and GoldenEye) has since commented that "Track 05" was actually a theme intended for the Jungle mission, but went unused. Can't believe I never caught this, considering that even my own handwritten notes reference value 05 as "Jungle Beat".

Gameshark Code: Modify Music playing during the game (selected music will always playing)
80024337 00XX

(use 05 for "beta" Jungle Style Music... Use 06 for unused "Citadel" music)