Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest

Cheat Options

The difficulty level and time required to unlocks the various codes in the "Cheat Options" folder.

MissionCheat Unlocked DifficultyTime Required
DamPaintball ModeSecret Agent2:40
FacilityInvincible00 Agent2:05
RunwayDK ModeAgent5:00
Surface2x Grenade LauncherSecret Agent3:30
Bunker2x Rocket Launcher00 Agent4:00
SiloTurbo ModeAgent3:00
FrigateNo Radar (Multi)Secret Agent4:30
Surface 2Tiny Bond00 Agent4:15
Bunker 22x Throwing KnifeAgent1:30
StatueFast AnimationSecret Agent3:15
ArchivesBond Invisible00 Agent1:20
StreetsEnemy RocketsAgent1:45
DepotSlow AnimationSecret Agent1:40
TrainSilver PP700 Agent5:25
Jungle2x Hunting KnifeAgent3:45
ControlInfinite AmmoSecret Agent10:00
Caverns2x RC-P9000 Agent9:30
CradleCougar MagnumAgentFinish Level
CradleGold PP7Agent2:15
AztecLaserSecret AgentFinish Level
Aztec2x LaserSecret Agent9:00
EgyptianGolden Gun00 AgentFinish Level
EgyptianAll Guns00 Agent 6:00