Some of my favorite snapshots and images from Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64

Written by DetErest

Missions 1-5

Missions 1-5 | Missions 6-9

Just some cool pics & photos from Mission mode.
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Dam, Facility, Runway, Bunker, and Destroyer

Dam Nation...

This shot wasn't taken by me, but I came across it while sorting through some old folders. It's a beautiful overhead image of the Dam mission's distant island. Featuring a guard tower and an inactive drone gun, the island was created with the thought that James Bond might travel here to complete an objective, but it was never included in the final mission.


One of the reasons I got a Gameshark was so that I could explore this mysterious island for myself. The fact that it was left in the game for us to discover has always made it a cool hidden gem.


Agent 007 and the legendary boat.
Gameshark codes showing a "Beta" alarm in the guardhouse on the distant island, proving that there would have been an alarm here. Interestingly enough, the co-ordinate for this spot exists right between the third and fourth alarms.. (photo by Zoinkity)
Dug this out of my old mailbox... Somehow, it never made it onto the website.

Preset locations for the Dam island, co-ordinates where objects may have once been. A sniper rifle and body armor have been used as examples to show a couple of the locations. (photo by SubDrag, locations found by Wreck)

Touring the Facility...

Infiltrating the Facility as a Russian Soldier...

The old version of the KF7 Soviet.
Inspired by old "beta" screenshots, finding and editing every single guard face and uniform, including changing every hat to a helmet in the Facility was a fun little project.
Clone Army.
Always liked this shot. Not sure if anyone ever figured out how to modify the green-clad Russian soldiers that spawn after you've cleared the first area...
"Beta" laboratory with female scientists.
Overhead graphic of the Facility's bottling room. I believe that I scanned this out of a magazine at one time or another.
Always been fascinated by the stacked gas tanks in the bottling room... Perhaps it's because the huge tanks in the final version are so big, and the tall, stacked slender tanks from the movie are like delicate instruments that might be found in a lab...
Using a Gameshark to change a few crates into gas tanks, and then modifying the XYZ co-ordinates to relocate the objects to the bottling room and stack'em on top of the existing tanks. I swear I learned more from playing around with Goldeneye than I ever did in math class...
Scientists in the bottling room.
Ah, torturing the poor, defenseless scientists... Bet I'm not the only one that finds this funny. :)

Running Away ...

Bond Invisible...
Nice pic of 007 by the tank.

The mysterious Biker character makes an appearance on the Runway... Normally, he cannot be found anywhere in the game except via code that unlocks all the characters, including the heads & face of the game's developers, a Biker, Terrorist, and even a cleaning lady...

Bike down the runway.

Bike and plane

Double shotgun fun.

Bunker Busters...

Watching an unsuspecting soldier as he battles a fly with his gun. They really should give these poor soldiers some flyswatters or something...

Havin' a blast with the shotgun.
"Beta" alarm on the wall.
Little known fact - When guards aren't shooting intruders, they watch James Bond movies on the big screen.
Bullets and bodies flying everywhere. The janitor's gonna be pissed.

Seek and Destroy...

Another scan from a magazine, showing a side-vide of the Destroyer.

While messing around with the XYZ co-ordinates of the helicopter, things did not go as planned... I was trying to make it look like it was "flying", but it ended up stuck into the upper deck of the battleship. Throw a mine into the mix, snap a picture, and it became one of my favorite captures ever.

Oh no! Terrorists!

Couldn't resist changing the hostages to the ones with the guns, and watching the guards shake in their boots, hoping that they don't get executed...